Rescue Journal

mission accomplished...

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2016

we zipped thru that pen, stacked stuff out of the way, covered the floor in fresh shavings and straw, set up the grain bowl, water bucket and hay basket clean, comfy, cosy sheep maternity suite all ready to go. i had to take mickey over to help. i tried to put him to sleep before i left but he knew something was up and i didn't want him screaming in the house when he realized i was gone.

thank you michelle! you are such a great neighbor and friend!!

one of the new dogs is in..charley 2 is a 5 yr old cockapoo in the midst of acute pancreatitis, with probable cushings, resolving eye and ear infections who one night after coming in was found seizuring in the kennels at the shelter. very unsafe to have animals with either seizure conditions or diabetes in shelters where they can't be closely monitered 24/7.
he is a sweet and very cute little guy. looks totally healthy but all of his broken problem bits are hidden inside.

blood work is back on chicklet...not cushings, looks like hypothyroidism.

i think that's all the news.


shelagh f

mickey needs a snuggli or something like that, so he can go everywhere
with you, Carol