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need help at saints this evening...

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2016

we will be setting up the shop pen this evening to provide temporary care to a ewe sheep about to give birth. the problem is she will not be able to nurse the babes due her udder dragging on the ground so the babes will need bottle feeding. her family works and will not be able to feed the babes as much as needed and are asking for help. these are pet sheep who will not be sent to auction or slaughter but just need some extra support in order to survive.

mom has not given birth yet but will at any time. hopefully not until after she arrives here tomorrow morning.

and to save me having to respond to a bunch of phone calls or emails...
if anyone can help me set up the pen tonight, please just show up at 6 pm, no need to call or email to confirm..i will be in the shop at 6 pm sharp and digging in.

oh and we will be looking for a volunteer crew of baby lamb bottle feeders once the babes are born...i will set up a schedule as soon as they are born if folks want to volunteer.

Edited to add: need to add that we are only looking to have existing volunteers help out. Thanks for your understanding


Catalin Manea

Makes sense, Shell. I should have thought. I hope everything went well.


I just saw this now....but will for sure help with bottle feeding when they are born!


hi Catalina. We apologize that we din't make it clear that only existing volunteers would be able to come down and help feed the lambs.

Catalin Manea

I would be interested to help, but I am off work at 5, in Burnaby. I live in Pitt Meadows and I'm not sure when I can make it there. How can we make it work?