Rescue Journal

new cat in...

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2016

argghhh..i am so stupid. i forgot to write the cats name down on the surrender form and now i can't remember what it is. the son had a bandaged hand so i can't read his messy signature and his number is not showing up on my phone log, murphy's law...gawd, i suck..long day and i am tired.

the reason there is only one cat is the brother stepped up and took the nine yr old cat to his restaurant at the very last minute apparently this is temporary until his girlfriend can take the cat.
again, surrendering stories are always complicated and convoluted and tonight i am too bagged to follow the trail.
nice cat, apparently he is a "pixie-bob"..very handsome.
i cannot believe i forgot his name..i swear if my head wasn't attached....was it max? it was something unremarkable.
anyway..the family is bringing his big scratching post sometime this week, so i guess i can ask him when he phones again to arrange,

and why the hell do our surrender forms not have a designated line or spot for the animals name??? i usually write it up on the corner unless i am having a stupid day like today...i should have had that fixed long ago. duh.



marin has greatly improved here...on the bed. it is her safe zone so she is quite friendly. not so much when she is outside tho..that off the bed world is still too big for her to be comfortable and trust humans.


Totally unrelated but I visited SAINTS on a Saturday and meet Marin (Cola) and he moved over to the edge of the bed and he let me give lots of pets. The website said unsocialized with humans. Maybe it was just a good day or Marin has changed being at SAINTS.


OMG!!! Is it a real Pixie bob? They are my absolute favorite breed.
Holy crap. Not only are they a handsome breed but also very nice.
Is he multi toed (sorry I can't spell the poly- word)?