Rescue Journal

sigh..i hate sunday night phone calls.

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2016

mom moved back east for work..left her 9 and 10 yr old cats with her son's family. despite the fact that his daughter has severe allergies to cats, he thought they could manage to find them a new home because they are nice, friendly healthy cats that aren't that old. so he confined them in a separate part of the house until homes were found. his daughter still reacted to the cats in the house so every few weeks he had cleaners in to suck out the vents and clean up the air filters. and lo and behold, he couldn't find these cats a home.
so he tried the spca, sarcs, cares, laps, vokra and katies place..everyone too full.
finally he called the emerg clinic to euthanize because other than setting them loose, he felt he had no other choice.
emerg told him to call us as a very last resort...i know for sure they didn't want to have to euthanize those poor middle aged healthy cats///who would?

too many cats, not enough homes. too many cats, not enough rescues.
it sucks and i should not have answered the phone.

he is bringing the cats tonight, he can't risk his daughter's health anymore.

rescue, oh fucking yay.

whatever, i am sure they are very nice cats anyway.



I wonder if Action for Animals in Burnaby could take the cats. They have been very successful with adoptions with PetSmart.


I bet he's so, so thankful that you're kind enough to take these two cats in Carol. So sad that there are so many cats needing homes and not enough spaces for them.