Rescue Journal

nice guys finish last

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2016

i don't get it. i am a nice person. i give a lot.
but apparently not enough.

last week i pulled over this really nice waffle foam from the shop..two thick pieces glued together. not bad if i have to keep sleeping on the floor. to protect it and finish it off..i shoved it into a couple of double sized garbage bags and then into an old, thick and clean sleeping bag and voila! nice and comfy floor mattress.

kassa liked it very much.
she has been enjoying it every night not so much.

tonight jada was sleeping undisturbed and solo on it and kassa was sleeping on one of the dog beds across the room.
and then jada got up.


i grabbed the opportunity to spread out my bedding, including fresh pillow cases and ultra soft fleeces and climbed into a pretty damn good homemade floor bed. mickey joined me as soon as the bed was ready.

it lasted all of five minutes. kassa noted jada who was not to be disturbed was gone and carol who could be disturbed had taken the bed over.

kassa got up, crossed the room, crushingly sat down on top of me and patiently waited for me to move. once i was out of her way and out from under her, she carefully positioned herself on the bed while not disturbing mickey (who apparently is also on the do not disturb list,) gave a contented sigh and closed her eyes. all was right and comfortable again in her world.

now i have to convince shyla to shove over and share the couch tonight...she will have some unhappy husky words about this for me.

i know that some folks think camping is fun..but camping in the computer room is not great fun because kassa is an opportunistic self centered hag.

my own freaking fault..i have chosen to live in the saints animal world.

at least i am not soaking wet and shivering under a giant jungle leaf like Diane Fosse or Jane Goodall where if a primate wanted the umbrella leaf it would have to be handed over too.


Carol A.

too, too fun y! i totally get that! hope shya was more accommadating! that Mickey must be working his magic on the big dogs!