Rescue Journal

quick news, i am too tired to think or type.

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2016

robbie had his dental..he is spending the night at the vets.

william is also in the vets and spending the night. since robbie had to stay in, they said we might as well leave william and pick them both up in the morning. this was good news to me as i was absolutely bagged after work today..busy stressful day.

arnie has kindly taken up residence in the suite last night and tonight..this gives me a better chance to sleep without worrying about mama sheep going into labor and me not hearing it thru the baby monitor. yay grateful for this! i am getting too old for all nighter stressfests plus work the next day.

john doe cat (the one whose name i forgot) settling in really well. super nice cat..i am hoping his family calls me soon about dropping off the rest of his stuff. he really would like us to know his name. i am so dumb.

mickey and i have the couch to ourselves so far tonight. we are both happy about this.

vern has started on fixing the drainage issues out in the front yard. it is dug up and a mess right now but will be so much better when done.

can someone please remind me to buy some bathroom sink has been partially plugged for weeks yet i can't seem to remember to pick up drano...

of all of the things i have lost in this life..i miss most my brain!



Love the new cat. Stopped by and saw him yesterday. Seems to be settling in nicely.


I picked up Draino last week, it's in the shop, I'll bring it over to the house today