Rescue Journal

hope and faith

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2016

still no baby lamb(s)..mama is sure taking her time. sigh.
thank god for arnie spending these last three nights in the suite.
oh well..she will give birth when she is ready.

nacho is not doing well..his stomatitis is really becoming a problem and nothing seems to be helping. the vet started him on atopica last week as a last resort, its not helping and erin is taking him back into the vets tomorrow morning. i am so hoping there is something else we can try.

william is doing ok, he is fighting off a virus. AC forgot to vaccinate him and even tho we did do him within a few days of arrival, it hasn't had a chance to kick in. plus he still needs another dose to boost him. he is obn meds and should feel better in a couple of days.

the front yard is starting to look better, the drain pipes, sump and drainage rocks are in and most of the trenches are filled in ..YAY no longer looks like the mudflats of missouri! another few days and the sod will be laid and then OMG it will actually again look ok...AND hopefully stay looking ok!

and next comes the upper field...gotta get rid of that moss..maybe i can start working on that this weekend.

hope floats.

just a heads up to everyone..starting march 4th, i have a new work rotation...the nurses have been waiting months for this to get done. the downside of the new rotation is i will now be working longer, 9 hour days so i will be getting home later, not until 630 pm. the good news is, i will have a few more days more 5 on, 2 off's..which were killing me. now i won't be working more than 4 in a row. i think i am going to like that and hopefully won't be so tired.

maybe i will get some more zip in my step and get a few extra things done...and maybe my ankle will finally stop hurting if i work less shifts.
hope floats for this too!

and that's the key to surviving life and rescue..keeping hope floating as much as you can.

maybe we can float some hope for a winning lottery ticket while we are at it! (i do have a few i need to check.)

winning would be nice but even if i don't, saints will be a-ok because we all work together to make it us i trust with absolute faith.



Someone in Mission won the 1 million guaranteed draw last saturday - maybe it was YOU !!!!