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reality bites

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2016

not even 0630 yet..dawn is breaking and ma, the lambs and mickey are all fed.
last day of work this week..thank gawd.

i talked to the sheep owner last night..they bought 6 ewes and a ram to start their hobby farm and so they can meet their farming status requirements of actually earning a living from some kind of farming. all of the ewes were far 4 including ma have had 7 lambs between them so lets assume the last two together produce another 3. this family will have 19 maybe 20 sheep by next week in a one acre pasture...too many to sustain there indefinitely for sure. from an investment point of view, it was a good long as you are willing to sell off the extras. sheep are used for three things..wool, breeding and meat. ok there are some milk sheep out there but you still have to breed and produce yearly babies in order to get any milk.

this family is attached to their sheep now so they don't want to go the slaughter route. but lets be honest...almost all sheep used for even wool or breeding farming will eventually stop producing and the auction will be the final trailer ride before slaughter.

anyway, the family is looking for responsible pet homes for a good chunk of their sheep. so if anyone knows anyone, please have them contact me.

now i find myself uneasy because i don't trust easily where life long commitment and possible future exploitation regarding animals is concerned..esp. animals of the farming type. too much rescue history for me not to have learned extreme caution.

with ma's ruined udder, she is useless for anything..even if it is amputated for her safety and comfort...she is not worth anything to anybody. even pet homes can be an issue if folks decide to downsize, move, get sick/injured/divorced or simply change their theoretically, despite this family's best intentions and and her babies could still find themselves one day in the slaughter line because once out of their hands, the fickle finger of fate can come prancing by.

i hate the fickle finger of fate, it totally can mess up animals lives.
now i wish i had never met ma, had not watched her babes be born, have not fed them their gloves and bottles to keep them alive. and i regret having peep curled up on my lap with bo trying to butt in.

you know where this is for sure is going to stay and become a saint. i told the owners last night that she could stay. maybe if we network and try really hard, we can find forever, stellar homes for the babes (with saints adoption contract to protect them from fickle fingers in place???)

no good deed shall go unpunished.

do-gooding is a freaking headache.



hi of our staff was interested in mom and all three babes but in speaking to one of the owners today, it looks like the plan is to sell off the moms and male lambs and keep the female babes.. so our two female lambs would have to go back to their owners once they no longer require round the clock bottle feeding. if you are interested in purchasing any of the moms or the ram lambs, let me know and i will pass on the contact info.

Joe Bowman

Dear Carol,
I am a friend of Arnie's and he sent an email to a few of us last night about the baby sheep and I asked him if I could have one. I have 11+ acres just outside of Hope. I am growing organic vegetables. I subscribe to the practices of non harming . I make a contract with any animal that comes to my farm that I will never slaughter them or their offspring nor give or sell them to anyone that would slaughter them.
I would like one for a pet for my wife who has never raised little critters. If you needed a home for the three of them together, I could probably take all three, although I might get in some trouble but it wouldn't be the first time I did for a worthy cause.
I am considering getting a llama (not tibetan :) and possibly a goat for milk, although as you are aware that provides some challenges as far as offspring but I'm trying to think of creative ways of dealing with that.
You can ask Arnie about me.
My phone is 604-869-9069
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,
Joe Bowman


Carol not sure if you remember a couple months back there was a really nice young couple on tour who at that end talked to you about adopting barn animals.....he said he was a close neighbor.....however at the time we talked to him about us not breaking up our closely knitted herd and directed him to spca as they always are in great need of homes. Of course I never got his name so here's hoping he reads our blog or is a facebook friend!