Rescue Journal

the late night news.

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2016

i got a teenie bit weepy over mickey moving on to his new life without me. that wee little broken bugger wiggled pretty deep into the soft recesses of my hidden heart.
my head is happy he found such a great home....but my heart is a little lonely without him.
oh well.

the lambs are all doing good tonight. there was a bit of a scare with little as she had some diarrhea earlier today. but tonight i saw her have a small soft but formed poop so i think she is ok.

jada comes home to recover from her surgery tomorrow, looking forward to having her home again.

william has finally started venturing forth, he is curled up on the cat post in the back cat room.

i need to check in on new cats johnny and zeera tomorrow, its too late by the time i get home from work. if i wake up that darn little poppy pig, she is going to be bugging me to feed her.

after a month of sleeping on couch or floor to accommodate mickey's emotional needs..... tonight i am returning to my own bed..or should i say, the bed buddies bed??? they damn well better make room for me!

the front yard drainage problem fix it continues.

the ferrier was out today to tend to the horses hooves.

and i believe that is all of the news.



nacho is so so..we are watching him with the new meds and waiting to see which way it goes.


Such great news re Mickey.....His little presence sure filled up a room. I will miss him, (but not always his vocals.) I hope you had a decent sleep back in your own bed Carol....(well, sort of your own bed)...the buddies must have been thrilled.

Also, Sheila or Leila; do we have a date set for the pub night Fundraiser yet....usually in April right? I have a few friends asking, as they are ready to donate $ for Saints as usual!

Carol A.

sending a big hug. I know Mickey has taken a big chunk of your heart with him as he will miss you too. 😔💓


My heart goes out to you over Mickey. When I read he had a new woman in his life I knew it would be hard on you. I feel a little weepy myself. Hopefully you'll get lots of updates on his progress. Hugs.