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Happy adoption day!... by erin

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2016

Shyla came to SAINTS after she was taken in to one of our vets for euthanasia. She had been somewhat neglected, her spirit especially took some time to recover, but once she knew she was safe, she did not just blossom, she exploded! Shyla became a force, a happy, excited to just be alive, delightful girl who caught the eye of a family that has adopted Saints in the past. Cricket (adopted at the end of 2014) came to help pick up Shyla today, and off they went....home! Congratulations all!

added by carol....this is the 4th dog in a dozen plus years that Mary and Ian have adopted from us...Gentle Ben (aka West rip) before there was a saints but there was still me.. and from saints Lola (rip) and Cricket...Shyla hit the jackpot with her new home and family! i am so happy...
(i would be even happier if they came back and adopted miley!)



Mary and Ian if u wouldn't mind would u please text my number please berry important 604-250-4142


Yay Ian & Mary, another lucky Saint! Shyla will so reward you with all her wonderful self :-)

Mary and Ian

We are truly blessed to have met Shyla, she is a beautiful, gentle soul. We recently lost sweet Rosie, a rescue dog from the Surrey SPCA, after 12 great years. Shyla is now a new and wonderful friend for Cricket and us! Thank you Carol and Everyone for rescuing Shyla and taking such loving care of her. xxx Mary and Ian


OH, that's such great news....great dog, great people....great combination for a family....thank you Ian and Mary...


Great news. Happy to hear she got a great home. Thank you Mary and Ian for giving the SAINTS a wonderful home ( I still remember the picture of Lola on the couch, she looked happy).


So very happy for my little "monkey face" & your new family. I will truly miss you & our conversations Shyla!