Rescue Journal

helga's foster cali has passed away.

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2016

she has been struggling with renal disease for awhile. thank you for giving such a wonderful home to this once unhappy and somewhat grumpy senior cat helga...she was so lucky you opened your heart and your home.



Never mind, I voted today. So, all seems to be working



Hugs Helga......thank you for giving such a loving home to so many cats that really need that extra tlc from a very special person....RIP Cali


Sorry Helga..she left here knowing love and carries it with her. RIP Cali


So sorry Helga, she was a beautiful girl and very lucky to have her own wall unit.

Carol A.

so hard to lose these littlr ones . thinking of you and lighting a candle for little Cali🌟🕯🌟💓


SO sorry to hear about Cali, Helga. She ended up in a kitty dream home with you, it's sad that you didn't have more time together.


The house is awfully quiet without that "get up here and pat me" call from the top of the wall unit.