Rescue Journal

kind of an exciting day...

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2016

first the news...

peep has an abscess on one of her tiny hooves. since she has yet to ever get outside, i can't quite figure out how that happened but it did. the vets say her last antibiotic injection should still cover this/ i wonder if this is where her intermittent fevers are coming from. anyway..the staff are on this and providing her foot with care so hopefully it heals up soon.

miley is spending the night with our staff person anne so she can be transferred early to Boundry Bay Specialty clinic tomorrow morning for her final knee surgery. OMG! 6 more weeks of rest and healing and then maybe finally we can find miley the home of her dreams!

i heard this gawd awful screaming coming from the kitchen today. i rushed in sure i would find a dead or dying dog but instead i found anne and erin cheerfully shaving a pooh ball off of charlie 2's ass. he was most definitely not happy..poor boy.

nacho's vet visit went well...we can keep going with him so that was great news.

and little rabble rousing holly found her very own adoptive home today and that is over the top hallelujah great news

and finally some personal news from me...

i don't know if you remember me saying that i picked up this sweet dog on the side of the road several weeks ago...not even sure that i posted it. anyway...AC came and picked her up but her family never claimed her..she was an unspayed multiple AC frequent flyer and the fines were getting quite big. this dog in the brief period i had her made a huge impact on me. she's what i call a one in a million dog. she had some issues which limited her adoptibility...she was nervous in new situations, she was an outdoor farm dog used to a lot of freedom, no training, not socialized to the big busy world and trina and i both thought she, like village roving boomer, would do well having the best of both worlds (lots of freedom AND indoor loving home) living on this little farm. and so today, she came back to me.

with my losses of phoebe and benny, my personal dog numbers had dropped down to a more managable 4..but i really felt a very deep connection to this very special dog and so today my dog numbers went up by one more.

her name was poppy but we already have a poppy princess here so i tried to find her a new and special name with several p's in it. i have settled on pepper..not your every day, run of the mill salt and pepper but Pepper Pots..Marvel comic's Ironman's girlfriend who is kind, beautiful and very smart.

pepper has already fit in here like a well worn glove. she has met her new sisters, plus the computer room dogs (but not her new brother robbie yet because he is an ass.)...she has played a little with miley and cassie, and some toys and she and i had a nice nap together late this afternoon on the couch. pep is only 2 years old and has already had a litter of pups. today i took her to the vets for an xray to make sure she doesn't have more growi8ng in there before her spay surgery next week. yay..her uterus is currently puppy free! we stopped at mcdonalds on the way home so she could have her welcome to the family first cheeseburger.

i feel a bit selfish because when folks meet her, they are going to want to adopt her, she is such a very great dog. but so far she likes me and saints quite a lot and is already happy to be here.

so i may be being selfish but i don't care...pepper has joined my special family and no one else can have her. we might be an odd family but we all love each other a lot!

welcome to my family of the very best ever dogs pepper pots (except maybe not robbie, deep sigh...he needs a wee bit more personal effort in the best dog ever department.)
pepper pots
(thx ashley for taking these pics at the clinic today!!)


Carol A.

Pepper Pots! What a great and lucky and happy girl! You are going to have a wonderful., long, Happily ever after life, kiddo! Congratulations on your new family member Carol, I am sure Robbie will get over it....... in time... :)


Awesome news for Holly!!
And on another note I just want to send a shout out to our Saints Staff....
they are the BEST....we are soooo blessed!


So happy for you Carol.....she is gorgeous!
Welcome to Saints Ms Pepper Potts

Lenore Henry

Great news Carol - she is lovely....will we be able to spoil her with a Tim Bit or two??


You deserve to be selfish once in awhile Carol....that's great looking forward to meeting Pepper. And yay for Holly! wonderful for her.

Cheryl Shaw

Congratulations Carol on your new edition. I know Pepper will fit in nicely & just love being a permanent special SAINTly diva.