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Thank you Corporate Cleaning Services (located in Maple Ridge)

Sheila  ·  Mar. 9, 2016


Look what Corporate Cleaning Services (located in Maple Ridge) is doing for SAINTS.

In honour of their 25th anniversary, "Corporate Cleaning Services Ltd. has decided to show our appreciation by giving back to our community. We want to be more than just a successful business, we want to be a business that helps make the world better!

With every new client that signs up for a cleaning program with us, we will take 15% from your first month’s service bill and donate it to charity! For a maximum of up to $200.00 per client, we will split it 50-50, and make donations to both SAINTS and Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center, two local organizations."



I phoned corporate cleaners a couple of days ago to do some cleaning for me as I was recommended by a client of mine , I talked to Binder regarding what I wanted done she said she would get back to me, she probably thought the job was not worth it so she has not got back to me, What I was trying to do was to find a cleaner to do our 22 offices in the lower mainland I decided to scratch these cleaners, I was requesting to do some cleaning at my home first to see if they were any good anyway thats my comment