Rescue Journal

one of those days

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2016

you know the ones i mean where everything seems to be overwhelming and not going right.

wind storm last night, fence down, power out, foster cat brought in at 0630 am because his foster mom couldn't get him here before 5 pm last night to be taken in for his dental. and my daughter's day care shut down because of the power outage so i put on my grandma hat and went and babysit a 1 and 3 year old so she could go to work. then came the phone of the ewes at the previous home of mah and babes died during the night leaving an orphan behind.
many phone calls later over several hours and the staff are ready to quit..a new very upset and frightened orphan, mah having a primo fit over it, still no power which means no water and i have disappeared into grand baby and toddler land and can't do anything about any of it.
it was a mess.

i finally blew my top and said call back the owners and tell them to come and take the babe back since we can't handle it and leave me alone because i am busy with a one and three year old...holy crap little kids and little lambs are a handful, even if they are adorably cute. i finally finished my grandmotherly duties and hiked over to langley to pick up miley after her knee surgery. i actually do really love her but she is a total dimwit with a cone and a fresh post op knee. she was very upset on the way home...she was finally feeling better and allowed a bit of freedom after her last surgery, and here we were right back again, cutting her open and screwing her up yet again.
its got to be depressing and frustrating for her these knee surgeries that never seem to end. i stopped at tim hortons and bought her a sandwich which maybe did not make everything all better but it did stop her moaning in the backseat of my car.

by the time i got home and miley settled into her pen, the new orphan was still here..they hadn't called the owners to take him back, the staff had figured the challenge out and all was peaceful and ok in shop sheep land. babe has a pen right next to mah and babes..he is not with them but he is not all alone either...good compromise.

and here is the thing..there are shitty and overwhelming days in stands to reason..rescue is hard. if it was easy everyone would be doing it or people would insist on making it easy and just fuck it up by doing it wrong.

we survive in rescue by being strong enough to weather the crappy days and by using our heads to put crappy days to bed so tomorrow is infinitely better. we do rescue to save animals lives, to help the helpless, to teach and promote a world in which animals can have better lives. and we accept one basic fact that is synonymous with rescue...we have a job to do, and we are obligated to do it our actions, in our teachings, in the examples that we provide.

maybe i should have said screw that orphan this morning, maybe i shouldn't have said screw him this was a shitty day in rescue. tomorrow will be better.

and i forgot to ask what the new little guys name is..guess i will just call him sweetie tonight.



Poor little Sweetie - so tiny to be losing his mom. Will Mah accept him eventually.


Off Topic: Is anyone voting in the Shelter Challenge? We are currently number 4


Welcome sweetie-pie!!! Thank you Carol and staff for figuring it out!! 💙I'll help take care of him!!