Rescue Journal

tomorrow came and it was better but not perfect.

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2016

but not horribly terrible either.

some of our guys have their own challenges which really are more important than ours. but they are hanging in and trying to live the best that they know how,

i am calling the new little lamb spot for now..he is doing ok..not so freaked out. he feels much better being close to the other babes thru the wire. he is eating a bit of hay and grain, drinking some water..will not touch the bottle. he is about 3 weeks older than our guys so maybe he can get by without milk. we will start weighing him to see how he does.

my new girl pepper is doing well. she has a wee bit of anxiety which is intermittent so i haven't really figured it out yet.

today seemed to flow a bit better..saints was ok. i am getting used to working my longer nursing shifts. i didn't get home tonight until 645 which is a bit of adjustment for both the animals and myself, i am gone from here on work days now for almost 10 hours and consequently it is a little later in the evening now before my animal stuff is done.

unfortunately zeera's cancer has is quite aggressive and the vet feels removing the entire ear will not halt it. she is now palliative and we will be monitering her quality of life.

new cat in..a skinny minny senior with bad teeth and kidney disease, she is part of a cruelty seizure. elvira is a very sweet cat. hopefully she will be happy here.

miley is doing ok 2 days post surgery..i think she is a bit down. probably she thinks this will forever be her life, someone cutting into her legs every few months. i told her she is done now but i think it will take time for her to believe me.

anyway at least for tonight, everyone seems to be ok if not totally great...another rescue day somewhat successfully done.

life can sometimes just be a bit tough but still mostly ok. hopefully all of our guys currently facing various challenges will soon have much better days.


alyson nerker

Prayers for Zeera. And Carol your last sentence says it all.