Rescue Journal

it's not my problem....

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2016

and maybe it's not but that in itself is a problem.

because whoever actually does own the problem obviously didn't take care of it so the problem just continues to sit there.

and here is the real hard kicker in cannot just keep walking by and let problems just sit there.

it seems like i spend my entire life fixing problems...screwed up animals, messed up people looking for something of personal value from here, regular every day operational disasters and far as saints is concerned the buck stops dead in its tracks at my feet.

after an extended 9 hour work day...tonight it was the shop that has put me over the edge..the mess in there is beyond utterly ridiculous. it is not just because we have sheep in there...they screwed up the left side of the shop floor because we had to pile stuff to accommodate them there. and its not because of donations either because there really isn't all that much that still needs to be sorted and put away.
but that's not why 4 extension cords are not hung up on their hooks and are just tossed here and there, and the circular saw is on the floor next to the medical cupboard, and that's not why 5 sweaters and jackets are tossed on the benches, nor is it why the table is overflowing with pens, papers, dishes, shampoos, coffee cups, plus half a bag of plain garbage, its not why there were still dishes in the bathroom sink from last night, or why a pig food bag was beside the sheep pen or why no one has taken the 15 bags of recycling away or swept the floor in front of the door and washing machine or in the bathroom or why the extra dog bowls are overflowing onto the floor, instead of stacked on the shelf.

THAT stuff is the stuff driving me nutz because no one ever puts things away. no one gives a shit, not anyone's problem except for mine when i finally find time to clean up the place.

it took me 20 whole minutes to clear off the table and put shampoos and soaps and shavers on the grooming shelves, tidy the workbench, hang up the cords, take out the garbage, sweep the front of the shop and bathroom floor, do the dishes and just make it a little bit less horribly chaotic in there.
20 minutes to fix a problem that wasn't mine because none of that disaster came from me.

i will own the sheep side mess, i said they could come and i will clean that up and organize it better on tuesday and i will fix again the other 3/4's of the shop that has shit tossed everywhere.

but i am getting so freaking tired of this because that shop condition is not mostly donations nor innocent sheep's is the prevailing human attitude here that keeping the shop tidy is not anyone's problem and when something is used, it just has to be tossed back in the door because apparently that is good enough for today.

that shop which is no one's problem has become my problem. again.



Could Nicole maybe add another volunteer position to the weekly schedule whose "job" it is to keep the shop tidy. It may take awhile to find someone and show them exactly what needs to be done, but it could solve the problem long term?

shelagh f

I will take ownership of the recycling and will take it away weekly when
I come with food. Most of the stuff to be recycled is what I bring,
so it seems fitting I take it away.