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charley 2 is seizuring tonight

Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2016

he's had 2 pretty massive ones so far tonight. this is why he came here, he was found seizuring in his kennel at SARC and seizuring dogs need 24 hour care, hence his transfer to saints. these are his first seizures since his arrival but it still places him in the high risk category. his seizures are quite significant, and he is repeat seizuring within minutes, plus his seizure episodes are recurring within a few weeks.
looks like he's going to be a phenobarb boy..i will talk to the vets tomorrow about an appropriate dose.

charlie the rooster has taken up temporary residence in the shop. he has a skin infection which needs daily monitering and care. it is extensive enough that i don't want him out in the rainy weather, nor in the unheated coop. he will do better in the heated and more easily monitored shop for now.

charlie 1
charlie 1

charley 2
charley 2

charlie the rooster
charlie the rooster

charlie 1 is doing ok but 2 out of 3 charlie's are having a bad day.

valentino (aka spot..the orphaned lamb whose name i forgot) never did take to the bottle here, plus he was stressed. since he was drinking water, eating hay and grain he has gone back to his home where he can at least hang out with his little lamb friends. sucks to be an orphan but he is in good hands with his human mom and dad.

jada had her staples out today..yay!

tomorrow is my first day of a weeks vacation which starts as usual in cleaning the shop. i would rather start off my holiday in a swanky Caribbean resort.
but fancy beach vacations are just a fantasy..rescuers get to live in real life reality.
like... cleaning and organizing our shop.

oh freaking yay.

and here is a photo of mr. stiffy...simon... just because he is so cute!



I sure hope Charlie the rooster feels better too. 😔
Lots of good well wishes. 🐓


Poor Charley 2. I sure hope his seizures get under control. Hope he gets feeling better soon. 😔
And I sure miss my baby Charlie 1 missing him so much it hurts. Lots of hugs. 💕


Re: Charley 2's seizures - just thought I'd toss this out there in case it's of use. My friend's dog was seizuring, too. Just when they thought the meds were working, he'd seizure again..and again. Then lo and behold the vet (at Boundary Bay clinic) discovered he had a serious bladder infection, and that was what was causing the seizures. A course or two of antibiotics and the seizures are now under control.