Rescue Journal

its the end of the road.....

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2016

that's what rescue is for me.

for every twist, turn, dead end, stop, go, i want you, i don't that these animals have had to live thru..this is it. the end of the road..the place where from this point forward, their life flows free from human fickle mindedness, hypocrisy, ego. free to finally just get what is right and fair...a life where someone actually cares.

it's so simple yet so complicated that some days it makes my head spin.

the simple part is just common sense..animals need food, water, shelter, companionship, a bit of freedom and fun, respect, dignity and responsible physical including medical care.
give them that and they have won the animal lottery.

but we can't stop at the simple and watch them thrive..we have to keep on tinkering and interfering with their lives because bottom line..our needs supercede theirs.

our need for the warm and fuzzy, our need to be the all knowing walking textbook, the animal savior, the all mighty whisperer, the super trainer, the hero, the martyr, the avenger, the one and only who actually gives a shit and knows all the answers.

the problem is that all of the above is utter bullshit.

we exploit animals...every single one of us exploits every single one of them in some kind of way. farmers make their living farming animals, grocery stores make profits thru selling animal products, the public eats them, wears them, uses products and medications tested upon them, scientists study them and use them as subjects for publishing their thesis,, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, groomers, shelter workers..shit... PETA staffers...make their weekly paycheques and pay their rent and hydro bills advocating, caring for them, trying to help them. and joe public uses them for guarding, for lawn mowers, status ego boosting symbols, for friendship and companionship or as an excuse just to hate their very own human species.

this rescue is the end of the road...these animals no longer work for us...we work for them. nice if we get paid for it in some kind of way, financially, emotionally, spiritually, egocentrically, but not necessary because rescue frees them from having to continue to pay.

they are done, they found the end of their road, they paid their way and made it thru and now they don't owe anyone anything.

we choose to rescue...we choose to do this because we actually owe them a hell of a lot of back pay.

their road has ended but we are still on ours, earning the right to one day be done owing anyone anything.