Rescue Journal

floating hope in the fish bowl

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2016

how does one wake up from a 45 minute late afternoon nap and suddenly have a cold? i don't get it but i got the stuffy nose, sore throat and sneezing in the brief blink of my sleeping eyes.
piss me off.

the front yard is done..the drainage issues are fixed, the sod has been laid. it looks totally great and i am so freaking afraid that it won't stay that way.

the dogs and i are settling into the new configurations of dog/carol rooms. i am enjoying sleeping with my own personal family dogs and definitely enjoying the fact that none of them leak on my bed. however the bed buddies are having a bit of a hard time over bed withdrawal...apparently couches and chairs are not quite good enough. i am thinking about possible options...a single day bed? a comfy cot? not a lot of room in there so i will look around and think for a while before deciding what we can do to make things easier for them all.

little buddy figured out his own solution...literally scream non stop at the door until carol comes and gets you and takes you to bed with the big dogs.
buddy white
(the shrieking dog gets the bed...every. freaking. time.)

he is cool with this solution and my dogs are good with him AND he doesn't leak... so whatever, i just hope those other little buggers don't decide to try his way to get what they want or i am totally screwed....sleeping in a virtual fish bowl with a bunch of my big dogs plus those bloody annoying, noisy, leaking, bed buddies too!

well..feed the bath..and off to bed for a good nights sleep in the fish bowl and maybe tomorrow my sudden cold will be gone? hope floats that it be so.


Carol A.

Maybe not so much the bed, as the pack leader. or perhaps human hot water bottle.... :)
good luck with the new arrangements!

shelagh f

i was wondering how everyone was managing with all the change.
hope everyone settles. how about a couple of toddler beds for
the bed buddies? low to the ground and washable. will have to see
what options you might have for the windows. will price out some
stick on things , will have to be sturdy and big dog paw proof. see
what you have in mind