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sad news tonight

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2016

thx to michelle and renee for taking care of our guys while i worked tonight.

daisy is off...she was ok last night but this morning lethargic and weak. nothing specific..she is eating and drinking, does not appear to be in pain or distress. renee said she was a bit better tonight. i am wondering if unbeknownst to me she seizured last night and is having an extended recovery period. hoping she is feeling even better tomorrow.

our ancient sweet goof ball oliver who has been out in foster for the past 6 months was laid to rest today. oliver was coming up to 20 years old, glad he was able to finish his life so well loved in a foster home. our sincere condolences to his foster family for their very sad loss of this dear old dog. rest in peace oli.
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Sweet precious old man with the heart of a puppy, Oliver aka Romeo. I think I enjoyed your walk time more than you did. Nothing makes me happier knowing that you spent your final months with a family who loved you and who accepted that your time with them would be brief.

I will remember you always and will see you again some day! xoxo

Lynne arnason

Oh Oliver I'm so glad u ended your life in a loving home rip u were very sweet

shelagh f

so sorry to hear about Oliver, but not many dogs get to be 20ish.
you were a big favourite of mine


He looked 20 but he sure didn't act like he was. He was an unforgettable dog.

Anne Seward

Sad news for Oliver's family. Thank you for taking him into your home. I remember how he lived for his walks and how he defied his age galloping along and practically dragging me in his wake.


Oliver was an amazing old timer with such spunk! My thoughts go out to his foster family......thank you for bringing Oliver into your home and teaching your young children to love, respect and value our seniors. Rip dear Oliver...


Oh Oliver...such a sweet old man...RIP. I remember meeting his foster family...condolences to you.
I hope Daisy perks up, and is as "fresh as a daisy" again soon.


Oliver was such an amazing dog. I am so happy that he got to spend his last months with a wonderful family. We will all miss you handsome ❤️


Oliver was awesome. What a lucky boy to have had his own home and people who loved him when the end came. Run free Oliver.