Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2016

ok..not really but for a second it kind of felt like that.

early this morning i stumbled out to the shop, still in my PJ's to feed the baby lambs...please remember that i am still feeling unwell so actually getting dressed was far too much for me. the babes were bawling for their breaky so i was in the bathroom, filling up the bucket/bottles trying to get it done as fast as i could.
suddenly something fairly significant dropped from the ceiling straight into the lambs bucket of formula..splash..scared the crap out of me!

once i recovered, i used the slotted spoon to retrieve whatever mysterious thing had descended from the ceiling and dived into the bucket of milk.

twas a frog..a little toonie sized, wall climbing frog who had been trapped in the shop and in probable desperation for fluid had ended up on our bathroom ceiling just waiting for someone to start water flowing from the sink. i imagine he saw the bucket of fresh milk and lost his amphibian mind and dove for it thus frightening me.
i rinsed him off, set him free in the freshly rained on grass and hopefully he has found somewhere better to live.

anne later told me that when frogs fall from the sky, the world is about to end.
so if the world ends anytime soon..don't say that me and the little falling frog didn't warn you.



I had to save a frog on Monday that was stuck under the dog house, covered in hair. I took him down to the pond. Hopefully he wasn't your ceiling frog lol


I'm with Brenda I would have run screaming, to where I'm not sure LOL

Brenda are hilarious. I would have had a heart attack if that had happened to me. Poor little frog....good thing you were brave enough to find out what had fallen from the sky into the bucket. I would have been thinking giant tarantula, or bat, or rat....and not sure I would have been so quick to retrieve it.