Rescue Journal

saint theya has passed away

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2016

ahh theya...she had such a complicated rescue life but she totally unaware.
originally her owners took her to the vets for euthanization due to divorce but she came to saints instead. eventually we sent her out into foster care but several years later her elderly foster parents became ill and passed away. and that is where it started getting complicated. her foster parents loved her so much, they made provisions for her in their will. whoever gave theya a new good home would get a good chunk of the estate.
two problems here..A. theya was a saints foster dog, and therefore not available for re-homing thru their will.and B. quite a few people were bickering over theya, all loving her so very much and wanting to give her a home. unfortunately one person who contacted me about giving a home to theya who loved her so much didn't even know theya's name.
screw theya's inheritance..i insisted she come back to saints and said they could keep the money, i just wanted the dog.
the whole scenario made me really nervous, amazing how popular a dog with money is and i know how much her foster parents loved her, but they set her up to be wanted for all of the wrong reasons.
i decided that theya would remain a saints dog either here or out in foster care so never again would too little or too much money have any power over her.

a few months later we placed theya in a foster home with shelagh, one of our volunteers. shelagh loved theya, theya loved shelagh...a match made in heaven.

rest in peace theya, you were very well loved....for yourself. you were a special dog.
hugs to shelagh and huge thx for giving her the home of her dreams near the end of her days.

was she 18 now?


Lynne arnason

She was such a snuggle bug I absolutely loved her Thankyou shel agh for giving her a forever home and loving her till the end


Just saw this post Shelagh......I remember Theya well, and was so happy when you took her home. So sorry....thank you for loving her.

shelagh f

thanks everyone, Theya was 18 a long time, so I am pretty sure
we could say she was 19. A great little, well maybe not so little,


Theya.......the dog who would always make you smile because she exuded such joy & happiness. Sorry for your loss Shelagh......


So very sorry Shelagh..she was a absolute doll and so fortunate to have had your love in her life.

Audrey V

oh so sorry to hear that, Shelagh, she was one lucky dog to be with you.


I remember meeting her there at saints when I volunteered there.Such a sweet sweet little girl! :( R.I.P Theya


Theya was Adorable. I remember when she first came in. She bounced around the barn with such joy. Delightful little dog. I'm so sorry Shelagh. RIP Theya.