Rescue Journal

living the life...

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2016

its just been an odd kind of couple of days...feels like i might be in the twilight zone where weird is normal and normal has moved far away.

jada is still a bit off but tonight new oreo is bugging her a fair amount trying to make friends. the problem is jada is not interested in friendship, she just wants him to quit bugging her and go lay on his bed.

miley had her recheck..oh my freaking gawd..she is going to need another surgery. the left patella is not staying in place. i was supposed to re-book it for next week this afternoon but i lost track of time...dumbo. i will try to book it tomorrow.

there is an old cat with rotten teeth, a blind diabetic pug and a parapalegic shepherd circling our gates...haha..circling is good.

we are still ticking along here...a little bit weirdly....oh well.


shelagh f

new Oreo seems like a pretty sweet dog, you could have
worse friends, Jada