Rescue Journal

gone to the a good way.

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2016

it was a rough jada night...i was up from 1-4am last night dealing with her uncharacteristic and unexplained anxiety. i asked mo to drop her off at the vets today for blood work and a check. i don't want to make assumptions and miss something critical. she napped the afternoon away in one of their kennels catching up on her zzzz's and i got to go to work and stay awake.

there are some very specific incidents of unfairness in rescue apparently.

someone please tell our urine ladened dogs to pee on the drainage primed gravel, not the new pretty green grass!

little buddy ought to be named shadow cuz he follows me around like a little shadow..shades of our sweet distant past cuddles. (R.I.P)

pepper potts my new most perfect dog firstly ate the channel changer, then next all of my computer cords and finally for dessert yesterday..she ate the cord of my portable DVD player.
she is an electronic kind of girl.

i was thinking today (which is always a questionable move...)
about how rescue is so un-personal.

when jada keeps me up all night, when, lil buddy slips under my feet and just about takes me down...when pepper joyfully eats my stuff...none of it is personally against's just them being themselves.

i need to apply this to my human much anger, worry, hurt feelings and energy have i wasted over the years because the occasional someone did or said or thought, crappy things about me personally.
from now on, i am only owning my own shit.
the other stuff isn't personal because it never was actually about me.


thank you jada, buddy and pepper potts.

but....(there is always a but!) little buddy, please don't trip me...even if it's not personal...i don't want to own another broken bone, ever...i am serious...really!!!!



Just wondering, how is Chloe's health these days? I thought she was improving, didn't look to energetic today :=(