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heads up on adoptions..please read.

Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2016

sorry..i not only got so busy that i forgot to blog..i think i forgot we even had a blog!

it has been several days of problem solving, creating and/or embracing opportunities, having to be in a few places at once and thinking, thinking, poor little aged brain is exhausted!



oreo is doing ok....elvira had her butt moved to the house for intimating the mp communal cats...and newest newbie sam (the diabetic, partially blind little senior pug) is in the process of settling in.

there has been a lot of peripheral interest in both oreo and sam so i just want to remind everyone of a couple of things.

1. if any animal is NOT on petfinder...they are NOT available for adoption at this time.
if they are not yet available for adoption, they are also not yet ready for potential adoption discussion. either we do not know these animals well enough to intelligently discuss or whatever their needs are upon arrival here are still being assessed or we are still in the process of meeting those needs.
2. the very first step in potential adoption is filling out the adoption application and THEN receiving an invitation to come out to meet both the animal and me. i ask folks NOT to bring out their friends and family to meet specific animals without discussing it first with me. folks unintentionally put me in a very awkward and difficult position when a potential adopter has met an animal, started to bond, may even be a great home but not the type of home that i think that particular animal needs. this also shuts the door on another animal possibly getting a home, that i think is more suitable to family because now they heard no and have hurt feelings.
3.whenever anyone expresses an interest in adoption/fostering refer people to the appropriate person and then step send them to our adoption page on the website and let dawn, erin and i go thru the process that is in place to ensure an appropriate match...A..application sent, filled out and returned B. application reviewed and assessed. C references checked. D. telephone interview. E. home visit as needed. F. invitation to saints for meet and greet. G. adoption approval.

this is our process...there are no shortcuts or cutting corners so please try to follow this so my life doesn't become even more difficult then it already is.




Glad to hear Elvira is out of the MP room. She is a sweet cat but that room does not need a bully (Spencer is enough to deal with according to Sage and Maestro). I hope she (Elvira) settles into the house okay.

Emma B

That Elvira thinks she's the Queen. I observed her last weekend. I do enjoy the bad ass cats. The Queen of stalking the weaker cats. I can see she loves it there.