Rescue Journal

rest in peace murph the smurf

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2016


lynne has lost her beloved foster dog murphy. he was a very great dog who finished his life journey much loved in a very great home.
thank you lynne and john for loving him and making sure that what he remembers of this life is comfort, happiness, kindness, caring, family and home.

thank you murph for being truly wonderful.


Lynne arnason

I am so missing Murphy as my daughter said he was a gentle giant he also was a trickster who loved to hide from me at the park he was my shadow he was with me most of the time and when he wasn't he would be waiting for me at the top of the stairs he loved food oh did he love food lol he loved walks just loved life our home is very empty without him


Again....very sorry Lynne for your heartbreak...Murphy was a special gave him a great loving home for the last part of his life....Big hugs to you...take care my friend,


So sorry Lynne, big hugs to you, Murphy was a super great dog! .........Sweet dreams Murphy.

Emma B

Sorry to hear this sad news. may fond memories of him be with you always.


Lynne & John your heart and home has been a haven full of love for so many......Murphy was such an amazing boy......RIP


Sorry to hear about your loss. As Penny states, you have been a great end of life home for many of the canine Saints.


Hugs Lynne. So many dogs have found their end-of-life dream home with you, you have a big heart. Rest peacefully, Murph.

Lenore Henry

Thinking of you Lynne - so sorry for your in peace Murphy.