Rescue Journal

yay new blog!

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2016

we want to encourage staff, volunteers, visitors to feel free to post their precious saints moments on the new saints volunteer blog.

so many special moments are there for us to capture and share with each other.

quick news...

looks like miley's last surgery is not going to be successful. so now we will continue with physio to rebuild those hind leg muscles and see how she fares.

robbie went into the vets today with an abcessed anal gland. he had it flushed out and is home on antibiotics and pain meds.

busy day around here today..shavings and hog fuel delivery, the ferrier was here plus corporate volunteers from Prospera Credit Union came and painted, fertilized and re-seeded the upper field plus were a huge help out in the barn..great hard working and kind hearted folks...thank you so much!!

these past couple of days off have been pretty exhausting so i am off for a hot bath and hope to get to bed early, back to work tomorrow again.


shelagh f

thanks to the Prospera folks, I only saw the painting in the mp
room, but it looks great.


Oh, poor Robbie, that's why he cried out when I picked him up on Sunday....I thought it was his spine. He should be feeling much better now........
..and Miley....sure hope the physio works and she is soon up and around...she looked a bit depressed Sunday....I'd like to see her smile again.