Rescue Journal

never mind.

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2016

i changed my mind.

while i was writing that stupid warm and fuzzy lovey dovey dog shit post...

those bastards ate my room.

full roll of paper towels shredded...everywhere
laundry basket protecting pillows et el dumped and molested.
other laundry basket handle chewed off...cuz why not?
garbage dumped and dragged over the room.
bed linens stripped off so...
they could eat the memory foam topper
pillow case shredded
FAVORITE pillow dead and TOTALLY de-stuffed.
and to add insult to injury..
while i was cleaning it up, little buddy peed on the bed.

it was a freaking mass of utter unnecessary destruction.....

i hate them.


Karen Lally

I feel your pain.......My beasts ate my favourite chair....and Tia's favourite chair....She'll miss day

shelagh f

it isn't a problem for the dogs, they had fun, nothing
REALLY happens, a bit of yelling and they don't have to clean it
up. does sound like a fun way to spend some free time with
your friends


they were sorry i was upset, they weren't sorry they ate the bed..they thought that was kind of fun.

shelagh f

I'm sorry, I have to admit, I laughed. Not a good mood for
you to go to bed, I'm sure, I hope they all at least looked
like they were sorry