Rescue Journal

pretty please...

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2016

i find myself increasingly frustrated be certain

dogs peeing on my bed which led to relocating my bed which led to dogs eating my bed.

i think that finding a relatively "safe" place to sleep is somehow unnecessarily eluding me.

the bed has become the proverbial carrot on a stick..i can see it, but i can't have it.

but why can't i have it?

the answer is simple...because i keep making their needs to have fair access to me the priority.

so it is a choice.

fair enough. i will quit complaining.

but believe it or not, some frustrating things in rescue are not a personal choice. these are things that are thrust on me..without discussion, without consultation.

they are decisions or assumptions that are made around but not with me. apparently sometimes i don't have a voice or a choice. it is a given that i will do or be whatever is currently required.

this is probably true because when push comes to shove, and the animal has suddenly appeared at my feet..i will step up for him or her because turning my back or dumping them on someone else quite frankly isn't in me.

and maybe this too is a choice..but it's a choice that has been forced upon is not a choice i make freely.

so what is the solution?

i don't know.

animals will always be dumped in my driveway.
problems will always be dropped on my front step.
people will always assume that somehow, someway we will help them.

and we will...but..
is it too much to actually be asked?



You need a bunk bed, Carol. You can sleep on the top with all the guys in the bottom bunk.


Well said Dean. I couldn't agree more. I don't know what I would do without my SAINTS family and what I found being involved with rescue. Loving a senior dog such as Norm and my three sheep fosters and all the saintly crew has made my life so much better. That's a huge thank you to you, Carol. One day I hope you find the perfect place for your bed!



You have a heart of gold and a soft place that allows you to give love to these animals that do not have a home, a place to be safe and a place where they know they will not go hungry again.

I can say this because you rescued Pinky the little disabled dashound that Pete and I first meant on CTV. With out you carol, we would have not meant pinky and would not known how he could change our lives.

So Carol, think of all the little lives you have saved. I read your blog every day... Sometimes I laugh and then to often I cry. Just remember with out you all the little lives you have saved would have never known what love is or they would have died alone and scared

For that I say thank you.