Rescue Journal

there is a sucker born every minute...

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2016

miley did well with her surgery..she should be home late tomorrow afternoon, erin is going to pick her up for me because i am working until 6 pm.

daisy's addison test came back...not addisons.

cheyenne's bloodwork is back..nothing too exciting. some minor inflammation and mild anemia.

toro's blood work is back..kidneys are good, also some minor anemia but everything else seems ok.

sammy still smells a bit ketonic tonight...i am thinking of upping his insulin again.

the damn bed eating dogs ate a hole in my wall. to paraphrase erin..."no lie..i was in there and the wall was fine and a couple of minutes later they had eaten right thru to the 2x4's."
miss perfect pepper potts is not used to being confined..i said to let her stay outside as much as possible, maybe that will help?

probably not.

vern said he would fix it for me when he has time. he is currently working on the lower pasture back fence which is a higher priority.

on the way home from work i stopped at the agri store to pick up a couple of more bags of baby sheep formula. also picked up some seed and a small rake to fix the front yard grass which is burnt to shit by the dog's urine.
green grass wars around here never end.

and i guess cuz it was late and i was tired after a long and busy day at work...i left my gawd dam cell phone in the shopping cart when i left. so happy to have to drive all the way back down there to retrieve it. the good news was still there!

by the time i got back, it was too late to fix the lawn..maybe tomorrow. last night however i did re-seed the rest of the upper pasture. got home from work, fired up the great orange pumpkin fake tractor and got that sucker seeded. except....
i broke the thingy that opens the seed slot on the new tractor re-seeding thing so now i have to take it back to the great orange pumpkin fake tractor shop to get it fixed. leave it to me to break it the second time that we used it..i suck at farming shit i think.

hot bath, soak the sore ankle..i bought a bamboo infused ankle support today and am trying it out. it says it cures sore ankles...i am desperate and will pretty much try anything..including a $45 bamboo sock.
geez i am stupid.



She used to be at Legacies Health in Surrey and she sure helped my back spasms. She's moved to Mission now and does home appointments.