Rescue Journal

and i will walk a hundred miles...or not.

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2016

i laid in bed for a good hour this morning because i did not want to get up and face the struggling to get the bed eaters off my bed and safely blocked off on the other side of the room, cleaning up daisy's "i walked a hundred miles in pooh," which is beyond boggling and dying a thousand deaths as i try to get heavy, uncoordinated and in a real hurry miley out for a pee which incidently i too really need to pee just as badly.
first things in the mornings suck. wasn't too bad.
the bed eaters were relatively cooperative.
daisy hadn't walked..yet.
and miley is starting to get the hang of the three legged thing so helping her wasn't too deadly. went so well i even threw in a 7am load of laundry!

hopefully the rest of the day goes as smoothly.