Rescue Journal

not exactly a smooth sailing day...

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2016

the laundry has become a real issue..there is too much for the staff to get thru which means i can never seem to get at the machines to get my personal laundry thru.
so i thought about ways to cut back on the number of loads and one of the ways was to get rid of the rubber backed carpets. we need them for the dogs who are unsteady on their feet but they have to be washed every day because so many of the dogs are incontinent.
the reality is they were taking up at least 3 full laundry loads every day.
i decided foam puzzle mats were the answer. they can be mopped off, and they should provide good traction for the crippled a soft dragging surface for cheyenne.

i hiked off to costco to buy some industrial foam puzzle matts..and they didn't have any.
so..since it was pay day..i shopped for myself...always a mistake.

i came back to mission found the matts that i wanted at rona and purchased them there.
then i made the mistake of returning a call from my daughter and my grandson answered and said "grandma..i think you should come to my house and play with me today."
be right there!

got home later this afternoon and started repairing the front lawn..turned on the sprinkler to soak the new seed and promptly ran out of water.
are you freaking kidding me??it is only april for gawd's frucking sakes!!!

no hot washing of hair.
tomorrow is the pub fundraiser, sunday my daughters are taking me to see "evita" for my birthday and my clothes and hair are dirty.

yikes...hygiene in crises!

the water company said they will come tomorrow. and i guess i will be crawling around in the creepy crawl space to switch over to the water tanks.
and i am so not happy about it all.

i was trying to get all the grass growing crap done before june when we usually run out of can i possibly compete with a dry season that starts in what is supposed to be the april showers brings may flowers month but apparently now won't?

why is there always something around here trying to drive me insane???



The pond isn't even that low, surprising that we are onto the tanks already. Tell everyone about the good part of the day tho!