Rescue Journal

happy 58th birthday

Carol  ·  May 2, 2016

it started out as a rough weekend with Jones Brothers Cartage giving us exactly 19 hours notice from the time they called us to say they had sold their business to their coming and permanently taking away our barn manure bin. i watched the bin leave our yard at 0850 on sunday morning with no replacement plan.
i am not going to say i wasn't thoroughly pissed off because i was in a rage at this business treating us so very poorly and leaving us in a real bind.
whatever...all i can hope for is remediation thru karma.

i want to thank colt for taking an emergency call from me on saturday evening and becky who called me on her sunday day off to help us arrange a new bin delivery for this morning. i was in such a flap that i can't remember the name of this new and amazingly helpful new company but rest assured i will post their kindness all over the internet when i sign the contract later today.

this world may have not very nice people in it but it also has some truly great people. it is just a matter of losing the crap and finding the gold.

matt our beloved doesn't know he is a chow..finally got a great home. they already texted me a picture of him happily laying out in the green (undamaged) grass under a shade tree...matt's version of heaven for sure!

new little sad soul in...chris asked if he could come here to die. there is no doubt that this little frail, and dirty old cat needed a very kind and gentle place to call home.
saints welcomes "castle." he seems to be a lovely old guy and we will do our very best to give some comfort and joy.

well...another year older and i am still here. thank you to all for the happy birthday wishes and for covering for me at saints while my daughters took me to see evita. it was a really good show which i am slightly ashamed to admit that i slept partly immobile in a seat for 3 hours, in a darkened theatre with beautiful music surrounding me...made for a pretty good nap which apparently i needed. my girls are good sports, they just remained vigilant in case of any wayward snores.

once the bin headache found a solution, it was a happy birthday weekend...matt found a home, castle is safe, i spent time with my daughters and i squeezed in a nap..can't get much better than that!


Emma B

Heard about you in the big city from Jenn when she posted a photo on Instagram, Don't worry the photo was not of you napping lol


can you email it to yourself? text photo? and then download it from the email

Carol idea how to get a text photo to the blog.
i will ask the staff!


Yeah Matt!!! Such a nice, nice boy. So glad someone else saw that and gave him a home. If you have time Carol, can you post the picture of Matt in his home. No worries if you can't though.


Hope I get to see you when you come back for a visit, Debra! How many years have you been in Malaysia now - can't remember, time flies.

Debra in Malaysia

Happy Birthday Carol!, hope you enjoyed the time with your daughters.
My daughter and I are sure missing Saints. Will be back this summer for a visit