Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 3, 2016

it has been a tough couple of days.

sadly we said good bye to trick who lost her battle with advanced mammary cancer. it looked like the cancer had invaded her lungs and suddenly she was having real difficulty in breathing. i was working but luckily erin was able to take her in and be with her when she passed away.
rest in peace trick and keep an eye out for treat, he misses you already.

raven somehow damaged the tendon in his hind leg during the night. we are wondering if he was seizuring again in his stall and injured it then. the vet came out to see him, said the leg is not broken, just really sore. he is on pain meds and icing for now and we will see how he does.

zoey appears to have either a bladder or uterine infection so she is now on injectable antibiotics for the next week.

castle is at the vets overnight. it occurred to me last evening when i finally had a chance to really look at him that he could possibly be in as bad of shape as he is from diabetes..he has all of the major symptoms. hopefully there hasn't been too much long term damage if i am right..but given his current condition, i bet there is.

toro just had her second cartrophen injection plus she has been on antibiotics for just over a week. if she doesn't quit passing blood in her urine in the next couple of days, i am afraid we might be looking at bladder cancer. we will give her til the end of the week to see improvement and if there is none, get her booked for an ultrasound.

looks like sammy's diabetes is finally getting under control..we have been slowly increasing his insulin but now i think we can stop, let him stabilize and then recheck his glucose curve.

shelby is back from foster care..her foster dad has been battling cancer for several years and is in hospital now, she is missing him and he is missing her. so sad.

the great news tonight is lynne is going to be taking cassie home as her new foster dog. yay cassie, yay lynne...cassie will be so happy to live in such a wonderful home.

i just worked a 12 hour day and am beat..
thx lynne for keeping the guys company tonight

the boys

and michelle for caring for mah and the babes!


Barbara must have a heart of gold.
Cassie is one lucky pooch.
Enjoy yourselves!


On the happier side......Yay Lynne and Cassie; great news- match made in heaven


So sad to hear about Trick. She was such a sweet bunny and we'll miss her gentle presence. Run free in sunny meadows, little one. Poor Treat will be grieving for sure, they were inseparable.