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Carol  ·  May 5, 2016

if i ever do write a real will be entitled "Boggled Brain."

it has been a busy couple of days off...

i try not to do evening meet and greet visits but occasionally, like this week i have to as there are no other times convenient for both parties. in terms of scheduling in saints responsibilities...sometimes it sucks working full time.

castle, coda bear and toro had vet checks...
castle has started on his insulin and is doing well so far. it sucks that his owners did not realize he was so sick before they moved and left him behind all alone on the street.
coda had an neck abscess several months ago and it is back. we are worried that there is an underlying tumor. we will see what is up once the swelling goes down as it drains. for now she is on antibiotics, pain meds and we are flushing it out several times a day.
it appears toro has a bladder stone so she is staying in at the vets until she has surgery. hopefully that solves her on going urinary tract issues.

our new llama and sheep are finally in..they are a very strongly bonded pair of friends. yuki (i am changing the spelling for ease) is a lovely sheep, she is about 8 years old and she follows her friend DeeDee the llama everywhere that she goes.
DeeDee has presence..she is very regal and refined. we were hoping for love at first sight between she and carl. but she spit at carl when he met her and now he runs away whenever she gets too close. so far he is not too impressed with her as a potential friend...he doesn't think spitting llamas are very nice.

today was Douglas college vet assistants tour..we do one every semester for their new intakes. it was a big group again of about 30 students...that many is always a bit of a challenge but we made it thru and i think they enjoyed the tour.

i did get saints shopping done..and hopefully tonight i will get to my own laundry so i am good for tomorrow to go back to work.
i was so going to try for even just a few hours at the cabin this day, just not quite yet.

all of our guys are doing pretty major, earth shattering concerns today and i am thankful for this.


Janet Nicholson

Oh poor Carl - a potential girlfriend and she is not impressed with you. Spitting llamas are not nice - welcome to S.A.I.N.T.S. Dee Dee - be nice to Carl!