Rescue Journal

Dear Erin and Renee

Carol  ·  May 12, 2016

According to you I have not been blogging frequently enough and I apologise for this so this post is just for you!

Toro did well on her sleep over with one of the staff at eastridge. She has her surgery tomorrow to remove that bladder stone and then once recovered enough will go back out for a week trial to see if the other cats will accept her in her new home.

Sammy is doing well in his new foster home. he is booked in for his vet recheck on tuesday next the mean time, i got a text this morning that said "we love him!!!" so i highly doubt he will be back...with sammy settled you think we can squeeze in that old skin dog at the vets you forwarded on to me?

myrna looks a bit brighter tonight, she ate all of her supper so that is good.

there is a new cat coming in..her name is beverly,,she is under 2 with a sad story and has a nasty tumor on the roof of her mouth. the shelter will drop her directly at our vets for a check...probably early next week...and i will get her from there.

Miley is pissed that you guys put the cone back on her head..i am not judging, just saying...she is really pissed.

luna has jumped the fence three times since i have been home..i think part of your job description should be training her to stop that.

cheyenne has brought to my attention that the fleece blanket on the couch has fallen into her water bowl, she does not like blankies in her water bowl. i have explained to her that it was most likely buddy who caused the blanket to fall so she does not join miley in being pissed at you.

cocoa peed all the way from one room to the next..i mopped that up for you so it won't be sticky pee tomorrow when you get here.

and finally in the spirit of open and honest communication, clarifying and checking vague suspicions...
i am pretty sure that dog yard hole is bigger..almost big enough to bury the boss..are you paying them for that????
(mystic said something about grave digging dogs getting extra cookies.)

and yes as you can see....i am still alive tonight (and not yet buried)...thank you for your concern.
see or talk to you tomorrow.



I must have gotten use to you NOT posting cuz I just checked it now.


Yeah, I'm sitting in Calgary airport - and checked the blog twice already today....always look forward to reading it Carol. The more posts the better!


I think most of us read the blog once or twice a day (we really do, Carol!) but like Jamie, we only comment if we feel we have something worthwhile to contribute. When I check in daily and it's the same blog for a few days, and start thinking something really horrible has happened!!!!!


Thanks for all the updates Carol and please apologize to Miley. Tell her to stop licking herself and I won't cone her anymore!


Being one of the blog reading collective, I check the blog several times a day for all the latest news, but rarely comment 😏


In the interest of commenting on blog posts so you know we the collective are out here and are reading... Yay for everything except the holes. If it wouldn't drive Diesel bonkers I'd suggest giving those dogs a pool. Maybe we could leave the back gate open and put a pool on the cement patio? Also don't forget I'm taking the van tomm afternoon around 330, should have it back by 4ish.