Rescue Journal

saints welcomes leo.

Carol  ·  May 13, 2016

new old cat in..i got the call at work today (someone is in trouble for disclosing my personal cell number!) so between palliative patients, chest tubes and wound cares, hearing..."my cat is pissing all over my new rented house and if you can't take him, i am putting him down today...." truly wasn't high on my happy list for today.
and by golly, not much of a choice in options either...a live cat or a dead cat.....gee which would i choose?
i kept it short and sweet.
"here is the address, have him there by 4 pm" and i went back to my work day.

here is the thing...

i get that living with a pissing cat is difficult and very few people can or will do it.
i get that there are very few reputable rescues prepared to take on pissing cats, one wants to ever adopt them!
and i get that these poor blameless but universally unwanted pissing souls actually need a decent and compassionate place to go.

so i get all that. but i also get that we cannot save them all.
and it is doubly hard for me to hear these kind of things when i am working.
i am a nurse.
i am also an animal rescuer.
it stands to reason that i don't take any living beings life or death lightly.

which is why we have a website with a surrender email which bypasses me altogether...
so i can go about my outside of saints work day without being the one who decides some innocent animal's fate in 2 minutes or less when i really am busy working.

just a cell phone number is for..
my family and friends, saints volunteers and staff, our vet clinics, other shelters and rescues but not for individual, unknown joe public unless i give prior permission.

please send folks to the website to contact saints..don't send them straight to me.
unhappy shit is too hard on me.

saints welcomes leo..he is a beautiful but very scared orange tabby, he pees in the house, he is thirteen and he will live to pee another day.



Poor guy, I feel so bad for incoming cats. Such a hard transition for them :(


If this is a new unfamiliar house for the cat that could play into it too.

Anne Seward

As frightened as he was he let me look him over without any aggression. Probably a health issue considering the urination problem just started happening out of the blue. Or something was upsetting him. He's a handsome boy - an orange tabby, my personal fav!

carol A

a declawed scared peeing all over the house boy cat just might have kidney, thyroid, diabetes or uti issues. poor guy. its not always bad attitudr! lucky guy to be going right to the vet. thanks Carol for taking in another orange charmer.


Sucks when they withdraw like that. I hope he comes around soon. Muffin.