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i hate people....

Carol  ·  May 15, 2016

is a well known mantra in animal loving circles: in animal welfare, in animal rights, in animal advocacy, in animal rescue.

well the truth of the matter is..we too are animals..just higher up on the food chain than all of the others.

i don't hate any species of animal...ok, not true...not a fan of mosquitoes or flies. but i am pretty much ok with all of the others, including the human animal kind.

i think we should re-think our mantra because as far as i know, hate has never, ever given birth to any positive thing. hate is one thing only..destructive energy.

it boggles my brain how so much love for animals can sometimes translate into such hate for human beings.

human beings sometimes disappoint me.
human beings sometimes do cruel and heartless things.
but the vast majority of humans are not evil beings.
we are simply imperfect living beings.

i don't know why people hate but i know i have been hated and it somewhat surprises me.

i am basically a good person. i help sick people and animals every day. i am open and honest. i try not to be cruel or unkind. i go out of my way not to interfere or pee on the parades in other people's lives. really..compared to folks like hilter and trump..i am pretty damn benign.
but still i have been hated, like i was some kind of evil shadow invading the world.

it took me a long time to understand that being the recipient of hatred, did not necessarily make me "bad."
humans can hate good as much as they hate in point Obama. how much undeserved hatred has that man had to endure?

people hate far too easily. and we hate for all of the wrong reasons. we hate out of fear.

we hate because inside us is a dark, angry energy. and we don't know how to get rid of it unless we direct it away from ourselves to some body else.

i don't believe in love solves it all. i think hard work and caring tho can make a great start. i believe in tolerance and respect and looking at problems thru eyes not blinded by rage or blame.

humanity has a lot of problems and the biggest one is we are morally lazy.
it is far easier and less work to hate and rip something or someone down than it is to take personal responsibility to build something better.

we are an evolving species and evolution takes time. we can grow into better beings if we take care and nurture kindness.

i don't hate people..i think we are an amazing species that sometimes gets lost


Pam in Nashville

Very well said Carol. Thanks for the points to ponder today.


I may or may not hate people, depends on my inbox that day. Very easy to get overwhelmed with the bad.


This is a thought provoking post Carol, as I know I've thought those words "I hate people" before. The word hate shouldn't be thrown around lightly and although we have to deal with some difficult issues regarding humans, I will try to not use that phrase and blame everyone for a few peoples behaviour.