Rescue Journal

i hated luna tonight.

Carol  ·  May 15, 2016

dionne came to me at about 4pm and said she couldn't find luna..grhh..sure as shit she had jumped the fence again.
i called and called and she didn't come which is pretty unusual for her.

i walked towards the lower field and suddenly a duck flew by with luna in hot pursuit. it was the male. luna ran back to the pond and soon was chasing the low flying female. i screamed at her, and she turned and ran back to the pond and i knew in my heart there were babies that mom and dad were trying to protect by drawing her off.

i picked up a giant stick and i swear if that damn dog had come within reach, i would have used it on her. instead, she ran back to the house.

mama duck came back and sat on the hill by the chicken coop calling out to her babes... but no babies appeared. i scouted the whole pond and field and i couldn't find her babes for her.

i came back to the house and shut luna in and i told her she was a very bad dog and that in one moment of stupid canine frenzy, she had destroyed an entire family..i was so fucking furious with her.
i went back out to search again but couldn't find them. luna must have killed them all in the pond.
dad had come back and was forlornly swimming in circles, mom was still up on the hill behind the house, calling.

i was just sick inside.

i checked mom at 6 pm and there she still sat, silent and no longer calling.

at 8 pm, i gave it one more was gone.
i looked over to the pond and i saw dad still slowly swimming in circles.
as i got closer, i saw mom was with him.
they flew away when they saw me and the pond was now empty.
as i turned away, broken hearted at the devastation that occured on my property...out of the corner of my eye i saw several tiny ducklings hugging the dirt overhang, bobbing in the pond.

thank fucking god.


the lower field is now off limits to all animals esp. the dogs. it is also off limits to us humans....i want no lookie looing disturbing this family ever again. they had enough trauma to last them a lifetime.
and luna is not to step out the door without the biggest, most awkward cone available on her head to stop her from jumping fences and with a jailer right at her side as a back uop fail safe.

she will not ever again terrorize those poor innocent ducks!
and i am so very thankful that they are all alright.

i love luna...but i almost hated her for a bit tonight.

the dogs will have to forgo lower field runs for a few weeks. it sucks but the alternative for this duck family sucks even more.



Carol, I see your commitment and kindness (and humour) you give every day I come to work at SAINTS. Not everyone may understand the humour part if they don't know you. That's ok.


monica...thoughts and feelings are far different from actions. i don't sugar coat rescue..there are days when i could cheerfully kill someone... the fact of the matter is i don't. the animals are not only perfectly safe...they actually adore me. i wouldn't worry too much about luna..she spent the night sleeping on my bed hogging the pillows. the big stick was to throw at her to get her attention and out of the pond away from any surviving babies if needed but i really did feel like whacking her with it...luckily the rage in my voice was enough to get her to run for home. i do my very best to protect both wild ducks and our dogs. i am more than well aware of my responsibilities to protect all animals who come to saints, wild and domestic..the thought that those ducks had been harmed here might actually be why i was so upset. sorry you were disheartened...rescue is disheartening in many various ways.


Wow, I understand distress, but writing with such anger that you would have used a giant stick on an animal who was simply reacting instinctively is alarming. It is disturbing that vulnerable free-living animals near you are exposed to and stressed by predator animals who are in your custody and who also need to be protected, which is your responsibility. That this is on a rescue blog is even more disheartening. I was searching your site to contact your group to donate medical supplies and furniture for senior dogs and cats, but my heart just sank.


Are you kidding me????? That's fantastic news. I went looking to and saw nothing...such smart ducks! Happy happy happy!


Like Tammy told you today we are out here faithfully reading your glad you kept checking the pond and found the babes alive!