Rescue Journal

i am behind on a couple of updates...

Carol  ·  May 16, 2016

myrna went in for a dental last week and our vet was concerned about some changes within her mouth. she sent off a tissue sample and it came back as a highly aggressive squamous cell cancer. our sweet myrna is now palliative.

ellie has progressively been facing more pain issues. we recently added tramadol to her pain med mix. this weekend her foot was specifically causing her more discomfort so i will call the vets out to have a look.

leo is setttling in pretty well..he is eating and drinking and purring with pets. as soon as we get him viral tested he should be ready to join the rest of the mp cats.

daisy has been pooh bombing the kitchen quite a lot.

we are awaiting the arrival of a couple of more senior's owner passed away and her daughter did try to take her home but her dog is very unfriendly to cats. the other is being dropped off at our vets today, she like myrna may have a mouth cancer.
i think thats it for possible new admits for the next bit.



Leo is a nice boy. Hopefully he will enjoy the company of the other cats.