Rescue Journal

ellie mae has passed away

Carol  ·  May 17, 2016

until we meet again my darling girl.



What heartbreaking news. The loss of our pink friend will leave a huge void....It was such a blessing to know Ellie all these witness her grace and her demands (we always bowed to our princess).....I fondly remember your hide & seek game (who would think a 700lb pig could hide so well) Also your patience with the tours was a educational experience so many visitors cherished. Thank you Ellie for just being you......a very special girl......who will be greatly missed :-(


Oh Carol! I am so very sorry but what a wonderful life she had because of you and SAINTS.


So very sad to read about princess Ellie. My heart hurts for you Carol & everyone who loved Ellie, she touched many with her regal pinkness.


Oh no, she was such a special pig and I know you and everyone at SAINTS will miss her. RIP pink princess


So sorry to hear this, my condolences to all that knew Ellie.

Someone should call Saint Peter and tell him to reinforce his pearly gates. There's a new princess in town.

Lenore Henry

Rest in peace sweet Ellie - so very sorry for your loss Carol - she will be missed.


So shocked to hear this, and so sad. Hugs Carol - I know how much you loved her. She was special to everyone at Saints and it won't ever be the same. She was a bigger than life presence, and had everyone wound around her little trotter. She will never be forgotten.

shelagh f

so, so sorry. I'm sure she had a happy life with you and everyone
at Saints.


I'm so sorry to Carol and everyone who loves Ellie. What a wonderful and brilliant creature she was. You will be missed sweetie ❤


OMG Carol, I am so sorry to hear this.,,..what a shock. Ellie was a very special pig princess who knew love and happiness at Saints.... So very sad...big hugs to you.


Won't be the same without the pink princess. So sorry to hear this.


Oh no! I'm so sorry! I know how devastated you will be about this. What is saints without its pink princess. Such a very sad day.


Oh no! so sorry Carol :( She will be missed by so many. Bye beautiful girl.