Rescue Journal

let me re-write last nights blog...

Carol  ·  May 17, 2016

i help ducks too.

i noticed that luna was not in the back yard so i followed her down to the lower field.
she had found a family of ducks in our pond and was trying to play with them.
i told her to stop and go back to the house and she immediately stopped and went back to the house.
all that time and effort i put into fixing and training her... worked!
Mom duck was a bit upset and sat on the hill for awhile. dad duck had flown away but came back and settled in the pond.
the babies were hanging out under the dirt ledge of the pond, soon mom, dad and babies were all together again.
no harm done, good thing i am so on top of things and was able to intervene so quickly and efficiently without any panic. panicking in stressful situations is the worst thing you can do! now that i know we have ducks in the pond, i will keep the dogs out of the bottom field for awhile until the ducks move on. but that's ok we can just take them all for leash walks several times a problem, its only for a few more weeks.
when i got back to the house, luna was asleep on my bed, she was tuckered right out. i am sure that she now knows she shouldn't have been playing with the ducks and that it scared them. i am sure she won't ever do it again, she tries really hard to please me. she is really a very good dog who momentarily lost her head in her initial excitement of finding the ducks in her pond but her impeccable training and immediate command response came thru when we needed it.
i am so lucky to have such a well trained dog...tonight she has learned that ducks are not toys, the ducks are safe and happy, and they love our big pond.
all is well that ends well.


ok..i am done, sometimes i just need to get it all out but then it's time to get over it.

new cat beverly made it into our vets this afternoon. usually oral tumors in cats are hopeless but our vets think because this one is so small, it is worth trying to surgically remove it. she is booked in for surgery next week. anne will pick her up and bring her home tomorrow on her way into work.

toro is recovering well from her bladder surgery, she is still at the vets.

aggie saw the vet today too...she has a bladder and eye infection.

myrna perked up a bit today and ate three good meals so this is good news.

ellie's foot is still really painful, the vets are coming tomorrow to see her. i was hoping for today but they had too many emergencies and couldn't get here. we increased her pain meds tho. michelle said she did get up and go out to the shavings shed and slept there most of the day.

new dog coming in..a blind, messed up little senior min pin with severe dental disease. looking forward to meeting him..should arrive in the next couple of days.

bedtime..wonder if i can get the giant beasts to move over. they like my bed way too much!



Loved the post. Sounded like a story I would read to my nephews and nieces.
Same kind of crap in those books.


I couldn't figure out what was going on with this post, either. I was thinking "what the heck, this just isn't Carol". I much preferred your first post Carol "I hated Luna tonight". Please keep telling it just the way it is.

Anne Seward

You had me worried there for a bit Carol. Glad it was tongue in cheek. Yeah lots of time for leashed dog walks. Also tongue in cheek.

A cheeky employee.