Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 18, 2016

every once in a while in life we meet someone who rocks our souls.
ellie was my soul rocker.
to me, ellie was never a pig, she was my friend.

there is something uniquely special about looking into another's eyes (or in ellie's case: singular eye, you could only look into one eye at a time.) and know in your deepest recesses that they "get" you.
ellie got me. i truly believed she understood me. every time her eye met mine.
and i think i got her too...all i ever saw was the very real person inside.

i loved her.

we joked about her being our princess and about being the real boss around here. but the truth of the matter is, ellie was first and foremost always my equal.

and this is hard to articulate in a way that makes sense because really ellie and i lived in different worlds...worlds that were so different, we could each of been living on different planets.

somehow there grew a bridge between a pig and me...without common language, without common experience, without common daily life living.
it began with curiosity and grew with respect and eventually evolved into a deep, yet undefinable species to species friendship.

i love her and will miss her and i am not ashamed to say that in this incredibly odd world i live in...ellie was not just my very best friend, she was my soul's sister.


Lynne arnason

I am so sorry carol I know how much you loved Ellie she was a very lucky little girl she had a wonderful life at saints she was your special friend and she will be missed and not forgotten big hugs to you how many other pigs would have loved to walk in her hooves


What shocking news, I'm truly sorry for your loss of your kindred spirit and great friend. Ellie was amazing and always a big highlight at the annual open house. I have learned a lot about pigs (and princess pigs) from your stories and have an even greater respect for them because of her. She will continue to be a Saints legend. Take care.


So hard to lose a friend )))hug((( to you Carol. I love that pic of Ellie....such a sensitive soul!


Hugs Carol, what a lovely tribute to Ellie. I am so sorry for you loss and SAINTS loss, she was one of a kind.

Janet Nicholson

I am so sorry for all of you on the loss of Ellie. She truly was "the princess" of S.A.I.N.T.S. and her spirit will always be there with you.


She was most definatley a unique and wonderful friend and she loved Carol most of all. I would watch Ellie and when she heard Carols voice you could see in her eyes she was anticipating a visit from her. I too loved Ellie and will remember her as the Matriarch of our little barn that is full of her love.


Oh Carol, what a beautifully written post /tribute to the friendship and love you had with Ellie. I just read it out loud to my mother and both of us were in tears. Thank you for your amazing unconditionally loving heart. A big hug sent to you.......