Rescue Journal

so many things to think about here.

Carol  ·  May 19, 2016

i woke up at 0530, let cheyenne and her crew out and looked at that damn eye sore grass. its not often i can't find a solution to problems but i admit, this time i am stumped. i have less than a month til the open house and it is stressing me out.
oh well, the grass will be something to distract me and keep my mind busy.

there are a whack of newbies coming this week....the 15 yr old cat whose owner passed away, and whose daughter's dog wants to eat. an ancient, wobbling, mostly blind stray unclaimed min pin, and an unclaimed, very old collie cross with spinal disease. we had to say no to an 8yr old cranky bitey dog and i feel really badly for him.

i have 2 voices inside my says you can't save them all...the other says oh yes you can.

i probably should be on meds.

just a couple of updates on our current friends...

shelby settled in here like a true champ.
beverly is settling in too...she is a lovely little cat.
deedee and yuki are doing fine, still joined together at the hip. carl continues to have nothing to do with them. apparently he holds a grudge a long time and has no intention of ever forgiving that first greeting spit.
leo had his bloodwork, vet check and testing...everything came back normal. so it looks like his house peeing is in fact behavioral. whatever, he too will do fine here.

mah was bawling for her babes last night, broke my heart...again. sucks to be an animal in a human world where someone else makes all the decisions.
i am so sorry mah and i wish i could say the worst is over, but it's not..yet.


Lynne arnason

Aww too bad they could not have all gone together life sucks

Janet Nicholson

Thank you so much, Carol, for the update on Carl and his social life - maybe he should go and talk to Mah - he seems to be drawn to sheep - not that spitting llama, Dee Dee!