Rescue Journal

be calm, work on

Carol  ·  May 21, 2016

laddy continues to be a bit of a challenge...
i got him to take a couple of little caesars last night but today he turned his nose up at everything..including toast.
so i hiked off to the store to see what i could find.

i scored some microwaveable chicken fried rice meals...he has eaten half of one of those. i also got him some roasted chicken which he liked so i did manage to sneak in his pm pills.
no further diarrhea or vomiting today so that is a bit of improvement.

whatever it takes laddy, we'll do it just try to hang in, feel better and eat.
and we wait....

i initially watched with amusement the grade school antics of Parliament over the unintentional breast hit. but really it is not the least bit amusing when you realize our elected officials are playing school yard power games instead of doing their work which happened to be at that particular moment..passing a dying with dignity bill.

if i ran this rescue the way they are goofing around in the highest seats of our government.....i would pity our animals.

cuz here is the thing...

humans choose to do things for one of two reasons:
A. it benefits them personally
B. it benefits someone else altruistically.

the life or well being of another supersedes a love for drama and political gain.

we have a bunch of A-type personalities in Parliament.
forget party for type B people, they will get things done and for all of the right"i actually have a responsibility.."

watching those twits is a good lesson for calm, work on
and don't be a nitwit.


Lenore Henry

Laddy is such a sweet dog and those eyes could melt your heart. We made sure he got lots of attention today. Hope he starts to eat a little more and get stronger....