Rescue Journal

welcome home

Carol  ·  May 23, 2016

apparently there are 2 kinds of saints welcome home greetings...


dear new dog elvis..welcome to saints. here have some little caesars..oh my, you look lonely and cold, let me wrap you in my soft fleecy bathrobe and you can sleep safe in my arms.

and allie's...
(as i fling a bag of cottage leftover food out of her reach in the sink and run past her to pee)...dear carol..thank you for the 10 hotdog buns and a dozen chocolate chip cookies, i am now currently full.

damn sink surfing pitbull.


shelagh f

I guess I better get some more Little Caesars, they seem to be a big hit
with everyone. better hit Coscto again


Maybe Allie wants a nice warm blankie wrapped around her too! It's not like she has any body fat to keep her warm... And she would love to sleep wrapped up in your arms! She's so sweet 💖 always willing to share.