Rescue Journal

babe passed away today

Carol  ·  May 24, 2016

he was in foster care with helga...a beat up, half wild, old, wrecked street cat that hasn't seen a lot of gentle kindness in his life.
babe was pretty old? none of us knew. but he had a bunch of health issues...most worrisome..bad teeth, bad kidneys and diabetes.

babe was lucky that helga felt sorry for him. she took him home and just wanted to ensure that he had a chance to feel love and cherished..even if only for a short time.
she told me today that while he wasn't keen on physical stuff, he was coming out and sitting next to her and enjoying being able to to hang out with her on his terms. babe had trust issues and maybe if he had longer, maybe he could have allowed more doors to human friendship open up for him.

but he was who he was..he was what life had made him. i think that he felt safe and comfortable enough to sit near her and allow the occasional pet spoke volumes about how much he was learning to trust again.

rest in peace babe, may your next life be filled with sunlight and joy.
and rest easy gave him the one thing he needed above all things..the love, understanding and security to begin to trust again even if it was so close to his life's end.


carol A

ah, Helga.... I feel your pain, your wish to give Babe a safe place, a haven, a soft bed, warmth. a place to rest. to sleep safely in a sunny window. a pain free, hunger free life. I know you did those thngs for this boy. And I truly believe he tried his very best to show his gratitude.

Rest softly little. You were loved for all the days you and Helga were given.


alyson nerker

Sorry for your loss Helga, and Thank you for being a Sainte to Babe


I'm very sorry Helga. You've had a tough go of late. Babe so badly needed his very own person, I'm glad you were there for him.


Sorry to hear that Helga. You gave him the best for his last days :=(


So sorry Helga. I loved the photo you sent me of Babe curled up on your couch near your other two cats, and you saying how he liked to lie there in the sunshine. Proof that he was starting to feel safe and feel a sense of belonging. You gave him love, something it seems he never had much of - the best gift in the world.