Rescue Journal

brief news

Carol  ·  May 26, 2016

just a couple of quick updates...

eddy is doing ok, still in hospital,,,not able to stand or pee on his own yet...fingers crossed both happen soon.

laddie is starting to eat again..slowly but surely a little bit at a time. yay.

beverly had her surgery today, the clinic will send off the mass to see if it is cancerous.

matt, toro and sammy are finished their trial periods..looks like they all have found truly great homes.

mah is acclimatizing to the barn areas, i do think she is less lonely.

we are starting to intro poppy to the other pot belly pigs...teddy's group was great but ginger was a total hag.
oh well, we have lots of time...we will keep up with short supervised visits and keep our fingers crossed.

i am finished my last ditch effort to fix the front yard grass...i guess we will see.

i am missing ellie.