Rescue Journal

and laddie plays with a ball!

Carol  ·  May 28, 2016

we were told he liked to play ball but he just hasn't felt well enough since he has been here..until now. he is picking one up tossing it around, bouncing it, chasing it *(with a great deal of wobble)..just having really old happy innocent dog fun.

cheyenne and miley are royally pissing me off because they are flipping out that he is playing.
doorknobs, they finally both gave up and shut up but their heads are wet from the spray bottle. sheesh, no way was i letting them wreck laddie's fun.

Anyway...feeding laddie continues to be a bit of a supper he finally ate some microwaved spaghetti and meat sauce and then some chicken and toast after turning his nose up at all other offerings thru out the day. the spaghetti must have made him really happy since he suddenly decided he felt well enough to play.

shelby is out in her palace..the front yard dog house..i have no idea why she likes that thing so much but she will need to come in to bed pretty soon. she is probably sick of listening to the two drama queens and their incessent complaining.

allie was eating a can again today..sometimes that dog is a total moron.

anne gave elvis a bath today...yay, when i take him to bed he won't smell like pee!

boomer wrecked my tiny portable dvd player. bastard. there is no tv in my new room and i like one on because it puts me to sleep. i bought another cheapo one today plus an alarm clock on my lunch break which i think i can figure out how to set. the last one i had to get the staff to set the time and alarm but somehow since it has gotten screwed up. i have tried for the last three nights to figure it out but couldn't so screw it..time to get one i can actually use without help!. good thing i can wake up on my own but not having the alarm on just in case totally freaks me out. anyway looking forward to falling quickly asleep tonight with a video playing and a new alarm clock to for sure wake me up tomorrow morning. a couple of things, (if not all things) are right in my world again til the next dog eats my stuff.

ok done bitching for now and ha ha..laddie is still playing with the ball...yay!!!!


Anne Seward

I'll just start packing an extra lunch since he thinks he's a people. Whatever it takes for that sweet boy.


Good news about laddie and too funny about wet heads!! You're a better aim than me.