Rescue Journal

erin made a tribute slideshow to the many saints who passed away in the past year.

Carol  ·  May 28, 2016


Cheryl Shaw

Thank you Erin for your kind works. As her anniversary approaches, she is in my thoughts more than usual. And you are right that anyone who knew her will never forget her - she was the darling of the vet clinic, and she was my soul mate. Thank you again.


Cheryl, Andi was one of my very favourite dogs, I'm even the one who named her Andrea. She will never be forgotten, not by anyone who ever met her.


Sure made my cry. So many precious souls. Gone but never forgotten. Wonderful tribute, Erin.

Cheryl Shaw

Thank you Erin for including Andi. She lives in my heart everyday and will not be forgotten by every one else when she is in your beautiful tribute. I agree with Tammy and big hugs to everyone else to is crying over the memory of these wonderful souls.